Roland Flat Anchovy Fillets


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Roland Foods is excited to offer a wide selection of anchovies that have limitless uses and will fulfill a variety of your culinary needs. From flat anchovy fillets, rolled anchovies to anchovy paste, anchovies have been a central ingredient in world cuisines for over a thousand years and are a common staple in every pantry. Eaten on their own or draped on tapas and crostinis, our anchovies from Spain act as salty and addictive flavor-bombs. Whether prepared in Caesar salad dressing, puttanesca sauce or as a pizza topping, Roland Foods anchovy fillets provide superior flavor. Anchovies in olive oil blended with black olives create a flavorful tapenade to dip vegetables or pita. Anchovies can also be incorporated into sauces, vinaigrettes and stews; they will infuse these dishes with umami but will be otherwise indiscernible.

Anchovy Fillets, Olive Oil, Salt.