Perrot-Batteux et Filles Champagne Premier Cru Rosé

By Perrot Batteux et Filles


Per 750ml

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An ambivalent Rosé Champagne wine. Rounded, tempting and fruity at the beginning, initially festive it is gradually revealed as being more grapey, structured and decisive. In a word, more gastronomic.

The initial impact is rounded and bubbly with a festive and seductive style. The tasting subsequently reveals a more complex wine, with several dimensions. The acidic structure sets the rhythm right to the finish but the dosage tempers it well. The wine becomes grapey, pervasive and the effervescence is gradually tamed. The structure is changeable. Soft at first it becomes more decisive as the body and dosage dominate the acidity and effervescence.

Côte des Blancs - Bergères lès Vertus
Chardonnay 87% Pinot Noir 13%