Mott's Tots Apple Juice


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Nothing satisfies kids quite like Mott’s For Tots Apple. Packed with delicious apple flavor, Mott’s For Tots Apple combines Mott’s Apple Juice with purified water and 35% of the daily value of Vitamin C to meet the unique needs of toddlers. With 40% less sugar than 100% apple juice and no artificial sweeteners, it’s the delicious and nutritious refreshment toddlers will love. Apples have always nourished us, inspired us, and provided for us. Mott's provides the nutrition and taste of real fruit that families have trusted since 1842, when our founder - Samuel R. Mott's - began growing and packaging apples in New York. In the years since then, Mott’s commitment to apple excellence and high-quality products has continued to provide healthy, delicious juices and snacks. Treat your little ones to the classic taste of Mott’s For Tots Apple.