Goya Virgin Olive Oil

By Goya


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GOYA Extra Virgin Olive Oil delivers exceptional quality at an everyday price. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is our richest-tasting olive oil, distinguished by its golden color. It has a bold, fruity flavor and medium grassy green hue. This bold-flavoured, single-origin oil is cold-pressed in Andalusia, Spain, and is never blended with olive oils from other countries or with other types of oils. Enjoy it as a salad dressing, in marinades, for cooking meats, vegetables and rice, as a final touch of flavour to your favourite dish and so much more. Goya olive oils are loaded with fruity flavour and contain a high percentage of monounsaturated fat—great for your family’s health. To make sure you get all its benefits, use it mainly for making salad dressing or sautéing vegetables over medium heat.